What started out as a three-wheeled vehicle that could bomb down the paved hills of southern Brazil has turned into a gliding phenomenon on the slopes of Southern Idaho’s Soldier Mountain.

In 1983, Gildo Beleski began putting parts and wheels together so he could race down the hills of his native countryside.  The invention not only got him to the bottom quickly but he unexpectedly discovered he could keep himself going when he leaned from side to side.

This discovery led to the development of Gildo’s “trike,” a unique three-wheeled cambering vehicle that the rider propels by leaning from side to side.  In 2000, he relocated to California where he founded Trikke Tech, Inc. When TIME magazine featured his company on the cover as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year,” his company immediately became known globally.  Gildo’s company now distributes its vehicles in over 40 countries.

Meeting the demands of a growing rider base, Trikke Tech, Inc. launched a ride for the snow in 2005 and called it the “Trikke Skki.”  Changing the wheels out for skis created a whole new sport that allows riders to carve down slopes with the same agility and control as on the pavement. This agility has allowed thousands of people to hit the slopes without previous experience or training and master the Skki within minutes. There is little or no learning curve. Just step on, grab the handle bars and ride.  No strapping into boards, locking into ski bindings or wearing cumbersome boots.

Remarkably, Trikke’s Skki is great for skiers with previous injuries or debilitating mobility challenges such as damaged knees and hips.  Children, teenagers and adults who’ve never skied before now enjoy the freedom and beauty of the slopes on their first run without fear of falling or injury.

Loading  and unloading from the ski lift is a breeze. It’s easy to learn and the smooth gliding motion of the Trikke is simple and easily controlled.

Southern Idaho’s Solder Mountain in Fairfield is one of the few slopes around the area that rent the Trikke Skki for now.  Contact Mark Wilson for availability and rental information 208-764-2526

To learn more about the Trikke Skki visit http://www.trikkeskki.com/