Halloween night. You know the scene:  Just before heading out with the kids for the annual candy collect-a-thon, you grab an old crinkled grocery bag – or better yet, a stray pillowcase. Well, this Halloween I’m boycotting grocery bags and pillowcases, and you can too! After this project, your little ones will be toting the coolest trick-or-treat bags on the block!

This Halloween project is so easy – it’s almost scary! For older kids, it’s a great way to teach basic sewing skills. Younger kids can get in on the action by gluing the facial features onto a bag sewn by Mom.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Here we offer 4 different “traditional” Halloween characters to get you going.  We encourage you to get creative. Design a bag that matches your child’s costume. If that task is just a little too daunting, then go ahead and use these ideas! (We won’t tell.) We’ve posted templates  [HERE] for your convenience.
You’ll need 1/3 yard of felt (at 72 inches wide) for the bag itself, some smaller 8½ X 11 sheets of felt in various colors, thread, fabric glue, and a sewing machine.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Cut Fabric

  • (2) 9 X 7½-inch pieces for the front and back of the bag. Round the corners along the bottom (long side) of each piece. (Or download a template from our website.)
  • 4 X 20-inch strip for sides and bottom.
  • (4) 1 X 12-inch strips for handles (adjust length of strips for longer handles).
  • Various facial features. (Create your own or download a template from our website.)

2. Sew

  • First pin the long strip (side/bottom) to the front piece.
  • Sew together leaving ¼-inch seam.
  • Pin back piece to the long strip that has just been sewn to the front piece and sew as before.
  • Sew two handle strips together to make a sturdier handle, then pin the handles to the desired location on the bag and sew.
  • Trim seam and turn bag inside out or leave the bag seams out.

3. Glue

  • Using fabric glue, attach facial features. Let dry.