Pick your poison.

Is it peppermint? Cherry? Raspberry or eggnog? Perhaps Irish Cream or Toffee? Orange or cranberry macadamia nut?

Those are just a few flavors of chocolate bark offered this holiday season by Arno’s Confection Perfection, owned and operated by the wife and husband team of Cyndi and Rob Arno.

Photo © Arno's Confection Perfection

The award-winning chocolate bark is made in their Twin Falls commercial kitchen.

About 75 percent of the company’s sales are made during the holiday season – not surprisingly. Each variety of bark comes in festively decorated packages; the contents are to die for. Each flavor is perfectly balanced with a bottom layer of dark chocolate and topped with a rich layer of white chocolate mixed with crunchy morsels of flavor.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Twin Falls residents Cyndi & Rob Arno are the heart & soul of their award winning chocolate bark.

“It’s a labor of love,” said Cyndi Arno. “This is our busiest time year and we’re working, literally, around the clock, seven days a week.”

It hasn’t always been this way. Although Cyndi has been making candy for over a decade, her initial goal was to simply create homemade gifts to family and friends.

In her prior professional life, Cyndi was a seamstress living in the Wood River Valley. The holidays were a busy time, as she tailored clothing for holiday parties, family photo sessions and festive dinners.

“I gave chocolate bark to each of my clients,” she said. “Everyone really enjoyed them.”

After marrying Rob a few years ago, he convinced Cyndi that the treats were good enough to sell.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Rob Arno uses a custom made rolling blade to cut the bark.

Today, Arno’s bark is sold locally (at Purity Spa and Salon in Twin Falls, Ketchum Kitchens and Atkinson’s Market in Hailey) and nationally. Cyndi said that they recently formed a deal with Nordstrom and the bark will be available in their stores nationwide.

After entering the candy market, the Arnos moved on from Nestle-brand chocolate morsels to using Guittard Chocolates. The San Francisco-based company not only has world-renowned chocolate but is the oldest family owned and operated chocolate company in the United States.

In addition to using only the highest-quality ingredients, Arno’s Confection Perfection strives to use American products. Keeping the company all in the family is important for Arno as well.

“I’d like to keep it small and resist hiring employees for the sake of quality control,” Cyndi said.

Arno’s bark isn’t just for Christmas.  The company offers different flavors throughout the year, so customers will find the perfect flavor to compliment any holiday or occasion.

For flavor availability, price and ordering visit www.arnosbark.com or www.arnoconfectionperfection.com. During the holidays, they are offering free shipping on retail orders of $40 or more.