The sense of community has always been important to Shane Cook. That’s why, after leaving Utah five years ago to help open a string of coffee and bagel shops in the Magic Valley, he never left the area.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Shane Cook removes plaster form the entrance columns to reveal the original rustic red brick.

“Twin Falls has such a great feeling of community,” Cook said. “It’s so much different than where I came from.”

Though he loves the locale, he couldn’t help but notice the downtown area needed a little revitalization. In most cities, downtowns are thriving heartbeats exhibiting unique flares of the district. This is the vision Cook holds for Twin Falls.

Having worked within the restaurant industry since the age of 17, Cook knows his way around a variety of kitchen styles pretty thoroughly. Eventually though, a sentiment which most can identify with rose within him. He was tired of working for someone else. With an arsenal of tricks to the trade filed in memory, he aspired to establishing a place of his own.

Then, after strolling through the potential Twin Fall’s downtown had to offer, he knew he’d found the ideal spot for his next adventure. With months of hard work behind him, knocking out walls, extracting the building’s original charm, and perfecting his menu; Cook will open the doors to Twin Falls Sandwich Company and dreams on June 1.

The industrial yet modern atmosphere of the Sandwich Company will offer patrons eclectic options of recipes gathered from Cook’s years in the business, friends and family. Wishing to support the community, Cook gathers many of his ingredients from local farmers and producers. His main specialties, sandwiches, also boast homemade gourmet meats. The pastrami, for instance, is hand prepared through 21 days of curing, 6 days of smoking and 2 of boiling. When biting into a pastrami on rye sandwich, the detailed flavor is hard to ignore.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Shane, his wife Emily and their son Eli

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be the new ‘it’ spot in Twin Falls while treating your taste buds to the inventive menu of salads, soups, burgers, brats and sandwiches of the Twin Falls Sandwich Company.

Located on 128 Main Avenue N. in Twin Falls, give Shane a call at 208-734-8372 for more information on catering events or menu items.