The heat of summer is finally upon us, and while we are by no means complaining, at times it can get uncomfortably hot! There’s nothing like a hot summer to defrost a wintry disposition; many people seem to come alive during the short summer months. These easy-to-make neck coolers make spending time outdoors during the summer more comfortable and more enjoyable.


  • 1 yard of fabric 42-45 inches wide (makes 8 neck coolers). Or if you’re making just one neck cooler, you need just 4½ by 42-45 inches for each cooler.
  • Matching thread
  • ½ – 1 tsp Polymer Granules per cooler (Can be found in the garden department of most discount stores. Brands are Watersorb, Magic Crystals, or Moisture Plus.
  • Sewing Machine or serger.


  1. Cut fabric into strips 4½ inches wide by the fabric width.
  2. Fold strips in half, right sides together, on the long edge.
  3. Sew along the long edge, turn right side out. Iron. We ironed our cooler so the seam is placed in the center back, rather than at the edge. You should now have about a 2-inch wide by 42 to 45-inch long tube.
  4. Fold the tube in half to find the center, and then stitch across it. Drop in only 1/8 tsp of crystals on each side of the seam (All brands of crystals absorb moisture differently. You may want to soak a test cooler to see whether you’re using too much or too little of the crystals).
  5. Mark 4½ inches from the center seam and stitch again. Now you have 2 pockets with crystals.
  6. Drop in another 1/8 tsp in both sides and seam like before (4½ inches from the first set of seams). You should have a total of 4 pockets.
  7. Fold in raw edges and sew across to finish.


  • Immerse in cold water approx
    60 minutes, until crystals become gel.
  • Tie around head or neck.
  • Regenerate by soaking 1-3 minutes.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Dehydrate to store.
  • Hand wash only, with mild soap.