This issue of Southern Idaho Living Magazine has been exciting for us to produce. We jumped out of an airplane with Skydive Buhl, rodeoed with Corey Rogers, carved a cowboy boot out of wood with R.C. Hink, golfed at Carmela, got sunburned on the Snake River, and even lost a cell phone in a field beneath the Hagerman windmills.
As we traveled from Declo to Glenns Ferry to Ketchum, with various stops in between, I rediscovered the beautiful views of southern Idaho’s back roads. While summertime usually includes travel and family vacations, I couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible places we have in our own backyard. There is so much to do and see here in southern Idaho and I encourage everyone to get out this summer and rediscover southern Idaho for yourself.
Now when you sit down and get comfortable with this issue, we hope you are as excited reading it as we were producing it!

Have a great summer!

Jason Lugo

P.S. I eventually found my cell phone – after a 3-hour search!