When Maryanne Barrott explains her line of body care products, she lifts her chin and straightens her back. She becomes more than just a teen who drives an older model Astrovan – she is transformed into the award-winning entrepreneur she is; empowered and confident, this girl is going places.

and was also listed among other young prodigies on Forbes.com as one of 10 Role Models 18 and Under. All that aside, the 17-year-old from Kimberly is just really passionate about skin care and the success of her line of body care products, Maryanne’s Own Bodycare Essentials.

Photo © Jason LugoI just wanted something to do over the summer that I could do with my mom,” she says. “My friend made a sugar scrub for gifts and she said it was pretty easy. That’s what we started with, a simple sugar scrub.”

Her original business plan was modest; she set out to sell the scrubs at the Twin Falls Farmers Market as a way to raise a little money and have some fun. However, customers became hooked, product flew off her table and soon she was invited to the Hailey Farmers Market.

“People really liked that the product was homemade and all natural. We were amazed at how well it was all going,” she says. “We ventured out from the markets and I even had a few stores carrying my line, but I didn’t like the way that was going. Now, besides the markets up in Sun Valley, I stick to selling online.”

Now her product line contains a flourishing array of luxurious lotions, milk baths, body washes, face creams and a new line of mineral makeup. Maryanne isn’t just concerned with the development of pampering products – she strives to deliver body care essentials that are good for skin.

Photo © Jason LugoMost of her line contains grapeseed and essential oils, shea butter and coco butter as well as sugar and sea salts. Scents are handpicked by customers and come in baby powder, cranberry, oak leaves, acorns, sweet orange and rose – just to name a few.

“A lot of research goes into every product,” says Barrott, who was also crowned Miss Kimberly 2008. “I research the benefits of each ingredient. Customers say my body butter is great for eczema, as it is quite soothing. When I have healthy skin I feel better about myself and I want my customers to benefit from great skin.”

Products are delivered freshly-created to customers, as nothing is made until an order is placed on her website. You can also find her line at the Hailey and Ketchum Farmers Markets.

“We stock up during the summer because the markets are still where most sales are generated, but web sales are also increasing,” Barrott says. “I either put money back into the business or in the bank for my future.”

Photo © Jason Lugo

Maryanne Barrott was also crowned Miss Kimberly 2008

Proceeds from product sales will help pay for her continued education after graduating from Kimberly High School this spring. Maryanne plans on earning her aesthetician license in Salt Lake City. It’s just one step along her path to one day owning a chain of spas.

“I have never been the best student, but I seem to have a knack for entrepreneurship,” she admits. “People say some are destined for greatness while others aren’t, and I don’t believe that. I control my own destiny and with the success of this business I know anything is possible when you work toward it.”

Her mother, Chris Barrott, is still involved in the business but says her daughter is the driving force of its success. Not only has the venture brought the two closer but she says Maryanne has blossomed since the summer they started.

“When this started, it was just a way to stay connected and once we got started it forced us to work together and cooperate. I think we have both grown and become closer because of the endeavor,” Chris Barrott says. “I know Maryanne has grown into this amazingly confident young woman. Before, I’m not sure where she was and I don’t think she really knew who she was. But now… she knows she can do anything.”

Maryanne’s Own Bodycare Essentials are available online: