Autumn is my favorite time of year. As I loaded up my truck for an early morning photo shoot the other day, the brisk air brought back so many great fall memories.

Turning the calendar page to these months has special significance for many in southern Idaho. For some, autumn means harvest. For others, it means high school football on Friday nights. It’s the time of year for excellent fishing. Deer and elk hunters have scouted the hills. Our kitchens are filled with the aroma of jams, jellies, stewed tomatoes and other harvested goods being bottled. It’s the time of year for raking leaves and carving pumpkins. Our kids have gone back to school which means I can finally get some work done in the home office!

And let’s not forget about the fall colors. If you’re like Rupert’s Dr. Don Pates, you can take a ride to the hills and enjoy the splashed yellows, oranges and crimsons. Or, be like Filer’s Joyce DeFord and paint a “moment of beauty.” Or if you listen close, you can “hear the wind sing a song,” as southern Idaho native Andrew Ryan sings in his debut album, Summer & Fall.

Any way you look at it, nothing beats autumn in southern Idaho!

Jason Lugo