Before I moved to Southern Idaho, I would often visit to go boating on the Snake River. After a long day of wakeboarding on one such trip, my friends and I were relaxing on the boat, letting the current carry us. We were basking in the sun, half asleep, when out of nowhere a crop duster buzzed over us. The noise and velocity of the plane scared us so bad, some of us jumped in the water for cover. The plane was spraying a field next to the river bank and ended up being great entertainment for us that evening.

That was my first encounter with the skilled acrobatics of aerial applicators. I was fascinated back then and still am. To this day I find myself pulling off to the side of the road when I spot a crop duster on the horizon. Being the photographer that I am, I enjoy getting closer to capture great photos of the majestic metal birds. I’ve often wondered if the pilots whom I’ve chased have gotten mad at me for following them. So if there are any pilots reading this and shaking their heads thinking, “So that’s who that was,” this is my official apology! My hat (and lens cap) is off to you!

Enjoy this special fall issue of Southern Idaho Living!

Jason Lugo