A tackle box isn’t just for fishing anymore. These decorative boxes can be used for almost anything. Store your child’s toys for a fun flair of organization. Add some bling for a personal crafting companion. Tote treats for an on-the-run snack time. And so much more! Snazzy tackle boxes even make a great gift. With a little paper and glue, look at what you can do.


  • Plastic Tackle (utility) Box
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Any embellishments you want to use
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
    Corner Rounder
  • Rubber Cement (I have found this is best when attaching paper to plastic)
  • Glue Dots (for ribbon and other embellishments)


1. Decide on the design of your box. Think about what the box will be used for and follow a theme.

2. Gather all your supplies, papers, and embellishments. You can find tackle boxes like these at your local sporting goods store for $3 to $7.

3. Using your ruler, measure the box to get the dimensions to cut your paper. Cut 1/8-inch shorter on all sides so that the edge of the box is just visible all the way around. This will help your paper stay put with use.Cut the paper using your paper trimmer. Trim corners of your paper to make it more uniform with the box. A corner rounder works great for this.

4. Attach the paper to your box using rubber cement. Use generous amounts of glue, especially on the edges to keep them down. A little glue may ooze out, but simply wipe away using a cloth. No worries, it will dry clear.

4. Embellish as desired. Keep in mind what your box will be used for; you may not want to use too bulky of embellishments that could fall off with use.

By Julie Scott