While snow covers the ground, gardeners take their craft indoors.

There is something special about being a gardener during the season in which Jack Frost has his hand in your garden. What a great feeling it is opening your front door to a vista of fresh fallen snow on the evergreen shrubs that sculpt your winter wonderland. By this time you have put all your landscape beds to rest and you are ready to be in hibernation. One might ask: Do gardeners rest like their landscapes that they have so carefully crafted during the summer months before?

Photo © Jason LugoDuring the winter months the plants might be dormant, but the true gardeners most definitely are not. They are growing delicious herbs in their kitchen windows, selecting the splashiest-looking poinsettia for their dining room table, and buying or making creative Christmas gifts for others.
But choosing gifts for the special gardener in your life can prove to be a difficult task, indeed, when snow is covering the dormant perennial beds. When you think of giving a gardener a gift, don’t always think of living plants. There are unlimited garden accessories that you can utilize inside and outside the house. Such items could include water fountains, landscape paintings, iron art, specialty thermometers/clocks, bistro table sets, watering cans and garden tools for stocking stuffers.
Photo Source istockphoto.comAs you walk through the front door of our house, we have a moss green birdbath that invites you in with a candlelit glass lantern glowing in the middle. We have a Lady Winter statue on a pillar perched over our dining room table, ornate outdoor iron work hanging in various places, and numerous black and white photographs of intriguing landscape scenes that we have taken throughout our travels. Just because your garden is resting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wide range of garden items inside the house as well. Meaningful gifts that can be used year-round are wonderful treasures.

“God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.”
– J.M. Barrie

By Ryan and Jamee Muchow