With Christmas just a couple of weeks away and budgets a little tight, Southern Idaho Living has come up with some very “Country” craft ideas to stretch the Yuletide dollar that looks like a million bucks.

Barn wood Christmas signs make the holidays feel a little bit more country making an excellent gift and Christmas decoration.  Sturdy and built to last for years, the sky is the limit with what you can create with an old board, some paper and a small piece of grass rope for a hanger.

As you take a little drive around your neck of the woods (it might be right in your back yard) keep your eyes open for old barn wood, the main ingredient for our project.    Any shape or size is okay but the old rough cut lumber that is about an inch thick works the best.  The only requirement is that it has one flat side (make sure you ask before doing any demolition work!). Let the wood dry out for a day or so depending on the weather we are having.

Once you have found your wood the next step is to go to the local scrapbooking supply store or any place that sells decorative paper.    Usually they have a Christmas section and you can get some great deals on the designs from last year.   Look for a covering design to cover part of the board and some solid dark colors to cut out any letters.

Look at the pictures to get a general idea but there are literally thousands of paper combinations and designs.   The store will have some zip dry glue that you will need to attach the paper to the board.  They will also have antiquing ink if you want to go around the edges of the paper and the wood to give it the vintage look.  If you already know what your sign is going to say some of the stores can pre-cut your letters for a little extra money and save lots of preparation time.

The local hardware store in the rope section will have small rolls of grass rope and in the nail section will have furniture tacks or staple shaped nails.  The only preference here is to make sure they are under an inch long and heavy duty enough to hold the sign up.  Wire can be used to replace the rope but the rope gives it an older feel.

Once you have assembled your supplies, it’s time to start.

First: Cut your paper so that it leaves some of the board showing but covers enough to be able to fit your letters.  If you want the vintage look, ink the edges of your paper and board at this point. Glue your cover paper to the board.

Second: Lay out your letters and make sure everything fits, then go ahead and glue these on.

Third: After the glue dries, flip your board over and cut a piece of rope that stretches to each end of the board. The rope should show above the board when you hang it up.  Make sure to get the rope even or it will hang crooked.  Use your staples or nails to attach the rope.  Go through the rope with the nails, this makes sure the rope will not slip.

Fourth: Hang it on the wall just to make sure it hangs right.  You might have to make minor adjustments depending on your board.   For something different, you can nail an old horseshoe to corner of the front. There are plenty of these just lying around all over the place.

So there you have a great, inexpensive way of letting the people you care about know how much they mean to you this holiday season.

Supply List:

Old Barn Wood
Decorative scrapbooking paper
Solid colored cardstock
Antiquing ink
Zip dry glue
Grass rope
Furniture tacks or staples