Slowly pulling your bow back to full draw your heart is racing as you attempt to study your breathing. Easing towards you through thick timber is the trophy bull you’ve been chasing all season. Throwing out a quick cow call stops the bull in its tracks. This is the shot you’ve been waiting for. Squeezing the trigger of your release sends an arrow flying towards your target’s vitals. Only instead of striking the intended sweet spot, a sharp thud reverberates through the woods signaling you’ve drilled a tree. Away goes the bull carrying with it all the plans you had for it on your wall and in your freezer.

Photo By Keith Brown

JW Allred from Burley sights in his bow in the basement shooting range at Advantage Archery.

Missed shots don’t result in the greatest feelings, but any archer has been there at one point or another. Recent advancements in hunting technology have led to a wide variety of precision elements playing into a successful shot leaving just as wide a variety of problems waiting to arise. From incorrect arrow weight, to sight alignment, to draw length, the smallest discrepancy could lead to big problems.

Helping archers understand all these elements is one reason Caleb Drake bought an archery shop. Having gone to school for engineering, his mind works in a technical way enabling him to better understand the complicated dynamics of arrow flight and bow configuration. Anyone walking through the doors at Advantage Archery will likely witness Drake tweaking and tuning bows while coaxing higher levels of accuracy from their complex set-ups.

“I take pride in what I do,” he simply stated.

As you might expect of anyone owning an archery shop, Drake is a fervent hunter. A bowhunter for 17 years, Drake now gives up part of his season to make sure other hunters are ready for their expeditions with properly functioning equipment. The sacrifice is entirely worth it to him though.

Photo Copyright Jason Lugo

Advantage Archery owner Caleb Drake

“It’s about waking up and wanting to go to work. I took my passion and made it a job,” noted Drake.

Having owned the shop for several years now, he’s seen a lot when it comes to shooting and what problems people encounter. Once your bow is tuned in correctly, Drake’s best advice is spending practice time behind it. When hunting or shooting with a rifle, you can pick it up and expect things to be the same as a year ago when you last set it down. Archery, however, requires many hours logged for consistent success.

Photo Copyright Jason LugoFor those who live in town without access to a decent practice location or who would like tips on shooting, Drake offers ranges both upstairs and downstairs in his shop with varying yardage capacities. And for those who enjoy real life experiences, a computerized techno hunt featuring live footage of animals to shoot at is the perfect solution. Competitive archery tournaments, leagues, and jackpots are also available at the shop throughout the year for any interested kids and adults.

In a wide variety of ways, Advantage Archery gives shooters (whether competitive or hunting) and advantage over the rest. Contact Caleb at 208-735-9878 for more information on getting a new archery set-up, picking his brain about the one you already have, or taking advantage of his shooting ranges.