From skiing to skimming, boarding to bottoming out, Pomerelle Resort’s 2nd annual Slush Cup Pond Skim is becoming a rite of passage for many skiers and snowboarders to celebrate a great season of winter sports and usher in the coming of spring.

Photo By Calman LugoTrue to its name, The Slush Cup Pond Skim challenges the ability of skiers and boarders in gliding the length of a water-filled pit. After gaining speed from atop a snow covered hill, participants hit the slush at top speeds hoping to maintain balance and avoid a topple into the chilly waters. Though such fall is more likely bruise egos than body parts, most participants throw pride to the wind and arrive for the competition sporting sassy outfits ranging from Alice in Wonderland to make-up laden band members of KISS. Competitors also entertain onlookers by attempting jumps, flips and slides across the waters.

“People like the possibility of seeing crashes,” laughed Pomerelle spokesperson Jody Burrows, “but it’s really just a great end of the season celebration.

Though the 2011 Slush Pond event met an early end after the tumble of a resort worker resulted in a torn lining and water leak, measures are in place to ensure the survival of this year’s pond and a good time for all.

Photo By Calman Lugo“The Pond Skim is something everyone can do,” said event coordinator Zack Alexander. “You don’t have to be professional; you just need to be able to stand on skis or a board.”

Be part of the fun! Come join the entertainment while enjoying the music and food provided.

The event will be held Saturday April 7th, 2012 at the Pomerelle Mountain Resort. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. and will close 12:30 p.m. Entry fees are $15 with a $10 charge for race numbers which will be refunded upon the return of the numbers.

Competitions will then get underway at 1 p.m. with awards for categories which, at the time of publishing, had not yet been determined.

A release waiver signed by parents or guardian is required for all participants under 18.

A copy of the release waiver can be printed off at

Contact Pomerelle Mountain Resort for questions: (208) 673-5599

Photo By Jason Lugo

2011 Slush Cup Contestants