If our past can tie us down it can also free us. Keith Adams (59 years old) is living proof.  Professional Trial Bike competitor, educator and avid outdoors man, Adams uses his past to inspire the future of those around him. Using the power of sports and the great outdoors of Southern Idaho Adams freed himself from his past. And with that freedom his lifelong passion is now in helping others to discover the strength they have in living a healthy lifestyle.

Photo © Jason LugoGrowing up, in Oakley, Idaho, Adams identified himself as somewhat of a trouble maker.  Realizing the direction he was heading, Adams determined to change the direction of his past. “I’m ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and staying active with sports kept me out of trouble.” Adams admits.  Inspired by his parents, Lyman P. and Verla Hale (a three sport athlete in college), Adams was encouraged to focus his energy on sports. Their example started Adams on a life long love for competition and the great outdoors.

An educator for the past 30 years and former high school principal, Adams, now teaching at Glenns Ferry High School, works with youth daily and sees the challenges they are faced with. He wants the youth of today to avoid what he went through and keep on the right course and inspires thousands of youth and adults to live an active life by staying free from drugs. He uses his public visibility to inspire his audiences and get the message out that he’s is committed to keeping kids off drugs.

Unlike most motivational speakers, Adams, winner of 11 Senior National Trial bike titles inspires creativity in youth as well as older generations with real live demonstrations.   Featuring a custom made obstacle course on a tractor trailer rig Adams demonstrates motor bike stunts that leave crowds in awe at his coordination, skill and expertise.  A familiar site at parades, fairs and school assemblies Adams has left his mark and testimony that life can be exciting without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Adams believes healthy sports and activities are a key in promoting a drug free life styles and is a living example of what can be achieved with goals. “I tell them to get busy.” Adams says. “Get occupied, do whatever it takes to find the things out there that make you excited.”

Photo © Jason LugoOne of Adams most recent goals is completing a three part inspirational DVD series targeted to youth, young adults and adults. For over 20 years he’s given drug free related presentations to Athletic Departments, Rehab centers, Fundraisers and Youth Programs. Not only is he adept at motor biking but he continually seeks to master golf, archery, fishing, kayaking and marksmanship to mention a few.

If our past can tie us down, Adams has shown us how it can free us by living an active healthy life…without drugs.