Photo © Abrey AdamsStepping into Abrey Adams Photography studio on Overland Avenue in Burley, large backdrops hang from the ceiling and boxes of colorful props are scattered around the room.  Known as a “disorganized artist,” Abrey herself may be on the phone with a client or keying in appointments on her cell phone as teenage girls wait with makeup and costumes to transform themselves into the digital world of art. She’s good at what she does, and she’s in demand.

Raised in Declo, Abrey’s love for photography began when she was very young. With her mother’s 35mm camera and her best friend, Abrey spent hours dressing up, doing hair and makeup and taking pictures. Using her allowance, she developed hundreds of rolls of film into print.

Photo © Abrey AdamsWhen she was in 9th grade, Abrey earned enough money to buy a 35mm camera with an interchangeable lens she’d found in a pawn shop. Photographing family and friends, people began saying she had talent. “Someday,” she thought, “maybe I’ll be a photographer.”

As a junior and senior at Declo High School, Abrey took graphic design classes at Burley’s College of Southern Idaho tech center. She learned Photoshop and photo editing along with videography. After graduation she attended CSI, majoring in Special Education, worked in custodial and eventually bought her first digital camera. Posting her work on MySpace, Abrey began getting attention for her work and people began calling for appointments.

Photo © Abrey AdamsThe fall of 2010 was a turning point in her career. Working full time as a janitor in the day and doing photography at night, Abrey found she was turning away clients to clean toilets.  It was a hard decision to quit the security of her day job and become the freelance photographer she’d always dreamed of. But following her heart has led her to the unexpected success she faces now.  Recently entering an international photography contest, Abrey was voted to the top five of more than 30,000 contestants.

What makes Abrey so good?  She’s creative.  And she has an eye for unique colors and design that complement her clients. While she works in her studio, most of her work is usually done outside. “I never use the same background twice unless my clients ask for something they’ve seen me do,” she says. Abrey works primarily with teenagers, visualizing their individual talents, style and personality. Crossing the line of traditional, Abrey captures a vogue style of modeling that draws young people to her. But her goals, she says “are to promote modesty that’s fashionable and beautiful.”

Photo © Abrey AdamsShe intends to stay local and network with businesses of Southern Idaho. Abrey feels good about the community she’s working with. “They are really accepting and supportive.”

She also adds, “It’s a good place to raise a family. My parents and grandparents live here.  My husband’s family is here.”  Focusing in on the future, Abrey is making Southern Idaho a better community to live in.

Photo © Abrey Adams

The Alligator photo that Abrey recently won the photo contest with.

Abrey recently won the photo contest. She took first place out of thousands of contestants. The prizes were; A contract for $6,000 to be signed for a credited on-set photo shoot with the cast of the Random Talent webseries and a credited Cast role as a Press Photographer in the Random Talent series and she will be featured in at least 3 Random Talent webisodes. Congratulations Abrey!!

You can contact Abrey through her website: or visit her on Facebook.