Photo © Jason Lugo

This shot was taken while shooting a snowshoeing story at the City of Rocks in January 2008. It was a perfect day with perfect light. We saw lots of wildlife and spent a good half day exploring the area on well marked trails.

Many people visit the City of Rocks in the summer but how about winter?…. I highly recommend it!

About the author

Jason Lugo - After many summer boating trips to the Snake River in Declo it didn't take long for Jason Lugo to realize that this is where he had to live. So he moved his family from the Herriman Utah to Declo in February of 2006 and never looked back. Being a graphic artist and photographer Jason began to discover this beautiful region through his lens. With his experience in producing a Utah magazine, it didn't take long for Jason to conceptualize and bring to life Southern Idaho Living Magazine. So now he enjoys meeting new people and discovering new places as he travels Southern Idaho shooting photography and producing great stories for Southern Idaho Living.

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