There are two sure signs of spring’s arrival in southern Idaho: sporadic rain showers and the revving of engines at Gooding, Idaho’s SoHo Raceway Park (formerly High Desert Speedway). Both are conducive to some first-rate mud bogging, however, the latter also provides an energizing arena for spectators and a wide variety of motor sport competition.

Photo By Kim Kidd

Jerome’s 16-year-old Celsey Kidd, is a rising star at the raceway.

Beginning the weekend of April 21-22, rubber will burn, vehicles will be pushed to their limits and speed will always be a factor. This debuting weekend will feature drag races for several classes including Junior, Pro, Street, Super Pro, and Combo; a class where motorcycles and snowmobiles compete side-by-side.

Participants in these races are drawn from Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Idaho and encompass a broad range in ages. One of the younger participants, Jerome’s 16-year-old Celsey Kidd, is a rising star at the raceway. After watching her father race for years, Kidd climbed into the driver’s seat of her ’91 Camero in 2009 where she proved a natural. Though her journey began as a Junior Dragster, her transition to Pro last year was a successful one as she claimed the title of “Rookie of the Year”.

“I’d like to take racing as far as I can and wouldn’t mind reaching the status of Danica Patrick, Kidd admits.

For now though, she’ll continue enjoying the adrenaline rush obtained by cruising down asphalt at the SoHo Raceways alongside her dad and fellow speed enthusiasts.

Photo By Jason Lugo

Jerome resident Larry Fredrickson

There will be plenty of opportunities for her as the speedway plans to hold 13 races throughout the spring and summer months. This should also grant ample opportunity for everyone to get out and experience the excitement of fast cars, souped-up trucks and the thrill of cheering a favorite vehicle to the fastest time.

“Our most popular weekends are the Summer Showdown (June 16-17) and the Outlaw Shootout (September 29-30),” says speedway owner Mitch Johnson.

The popularity of these weekends is likely due to their ‘two for the price of one’ appeal. During both the Showdown and Shootout, mud begins flying at high noon on Saturday and transitions to drag as the evening progresses. Of course no true western event would be complete without a boot scooting finale, so patrons and participants are invited to welcome in the waning night hours by dancing to the tunes of a live country rock band. Events then continue on Sunday with drag racing competitions.

All other race weekends will consist of drag events only but still promise fun and entertainment for all. Pit passes are also available for those who enjoy getting a bit closer to the action while interacting with drivers and their crews.

For a complete list of dates and times contact Mitch (208-431-9596) or Jodie Johnson (208-650-9730).

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