Entertaining hopes of a promotion, Doris Haines entered the main office of Iowa’s Chesapeake First Savings and Loan to which she had been beckoned. She was greeted instead by the stern view of five men clad in black dress suits who bore harsh news. Her husband, Bill Haines, a commander in the United States Navy, was severely injured by a sabotaged vehicle during a secret mission in England. He was not expected to live.

Photo Courtesy Doris HainesSoon after receiving the terrifying information, Doris found herself in England at her husband’s bedside where he lay in a coma for the ensuing three months.  Life in the following months and years after the accident was never the same.  Bill required care 24-7 with a myriad of problems and hurdles to overcome. But regardless of the challenges they faced the love between them only deepened.

Upon their return to the States, solace was found for the couple in Bill’s hometown of Oakley, Idaho. There they garnered support of Bill’s family and friends during his recovery while Doris took on the challenges presented by rural living coupled with being his main care giver.  Bill, who despite his trials retained a quick wit and keen sense of the happenings around him, encouraged Doris to live out her dream of becoming an author. His support and deeply rooted love gave her the confidence to believe in herself and accomplish a dream she harbored for nearly 40 years; to become an author.

Now in her early ‘60s Haines is positive and happy despite the trying days which lay behind her. Carrying an air of confidence and poise, a faint accent lingers in her speech as a testament to her childhood in Upstate New York. There, surrounded by her father’s of chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and ponies Haines developed a love for the outdoors and nature. As a resident of Southern Idaho, Haines continues to be surrounded by domestic and wild life. She is eager to share her love for animals and life with those around her.

A quaint dollhouse-like chicken coop set behind their home provides residence to her favorite hens and black rooster and proved the perfect inspiration for her first children’s book. “The Rhode Island Red Who Loved the Garage” is a true account of a particular hen which prefers a touch of the human as opposed to time in the pasture with its fellow poultry.

“I’ve learned so much.” She says in retrospect of achieving her dream of being published. “I have many children’s stories about animals I want to write.”

Bill’s reaction to her venture? “I’m so proud of you,” he boasts, “I knew you could do it.”

Though her first book is a tribute to her love for animals, Doris plans to one day pen the words to the love story which began her journey while telling the tale of all she and Bill have been through.

For Haines it’s all about her husband’s support and encouragement. She confides, “That’s all I needed!”

“The Rhode Island Red Who Loved the Garage” is available in local bookstores as well as international outlets. In addition she will be holding book signing throughout Southern during March. The Oakley library will be hosting one such signing March 31, 2012 from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

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