Add the relaxing sound of running water to your garden by making a unique creative fountain yourself. Even the simplest of water features can make a bold statement and turn your landscape into something special. Flowing water appeals to our senses while creating a calming atmosphere.

Photo © Jason LugoOne variation, perfect for a focal point near an entry, can be made by using a large boulder from a local rock quarry incorporates a focal point near the front entry. This bubbling feature anchors the front corner while water cascades into a pond-less reservoir. To accomplish this, a hole was drilled through the rock wide enough for the bubbler and hose to fit through. A reservoir was then dug and fitted with heavy pond liner. Next, a frame and screen were placed on top of the reservoir. Gathered rocks are perfect for covering the screen concealing the reservoir. Behind the scenes a pump recirculates water from the reservoir to the bubbler which spills down the rock sides into the reservoir.

Another idea is using a galvanized horse trough as a simple water feature with the addition of an antique hand pump spilling water. This fountain is a low cost alternative to expensive premade fountains. It’s easy to disassemble so it can be taken along if the homeowner relocates. Simply paint the trough with metal paint and let it rust for an antique look. Build a stand from brick or any other materials desired. Add plants or fish for flare and variety.

Creating your own custom made water feature is easy. Simply choose a theme or style to compliment your yard and assemble your supplies.

You’ll need:

A watertight reservoir or container
A submersible pump and tubing
(Make sure the pump is rated for the correct lift. Meaning if you need to lift the water 4 feet to reach the top opening the pump should have a lift rating of 4ft.)
Fountain head or bubbler
Accessible electric outlet

Design your fountain and decide on a location for your water feature. Follow the pump instructions and assemble your water feature. Try to hide the electrical cords and consider adding rocks and plants. Add clean water, plug in, and adjust the flow if necessary.

A well maintained outdoor fountain will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family while adding style and increasing the value of your home. Now that you’ve created your own outdoor fountain, all that’s left is to sit back, grab a nice cold lemonade and enjoy the calming peaceful sound of your new water feature.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Pre-drilled fountain rocks quarried locally from Oakley can be purchased at Southern Idaho Landscape Center In twin Falls and at Vicki's Country Gardens in Paul.