Brenda Grogan, NMD, has been practicing health and healing for 33 years. She spent 15 years as a medical nurse and has spent the past 20 years in the alternative healthcare field. Today she is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor, practicing in her home-based office in Twin Falls. The Healthy Way Inc. offers several modalities of natural and holistic health, including kinesiology, color therapy, music therapy, nerve muscle release, emotional and allergy release, cranial sacral therapy, homeopathy, massage and hypnosis. Dr. Grogan’s office treats patients with all kinds of health needs, from infant to elderly.
Dr. Grogan, who is married with six children, also teaches a course through the College of Southern Idaho entitled, “Introduction to Energy/Kinesiology.” Her focus is to teach people natural ways of healing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your profession?
A: The best part is watching families and their lives change with an awareness of truth. I enjoy the teaching a lot more than I do having people just come in as patients and sitting up on the table. My whole goal here at this natural health center is, I don’t want them dependent on me. I want them to learn and understand so that they can take care of most all their needs.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Q: How does naturopathy differ from traditional medical methods?
A: When you deal with naturopathy, you’re not just dealing with the physical. You’re dealing with the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual body. If you have conflict with one of those, then you will have health issues.

Q: What is something most people don’t understand about natural health?
A: We have to stop looking at the world as, “This is a wall, this is a chair, you are who you are and this is an apple and that’s an orange” – and we need to start looking at everything as energy. Thoughts and feelings are energy as well. You have the ability and the power within you to change the whole world through your emotions and how you feel about things. If there was one utmost thing, that would be it, because that is the basis of it all. We create our own world through our thoughts.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Q: How do you react to the skeptics who say this mode of healthcare is invalid and hokey?
A: I teach from a scientific point of view so that they can recognize the physics and the chemistry behind it, especially when I teach them about muscle response testing. It’s so simple that it feels hokey to people. It’s like a trick and they say, “How did you do that?” I can remember asking that same question the first time I saw it. I talk to them about how this universe is made up of atoms and molecules, and that there are electrons and protons and they have positive and negative charges. The body is made up of those electrons and protons, and because we are made up of those things, it creates a magnetic field around the body. Scientists can measure it and take pictures of it, but they can’t duplicate it. Everything is made up of that same energy.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Q: You are also a birthing practitioner, or midwife. What do you like about that work?
A: The babies coming into this world are just amazing. Their heads come out and they look around and follow your voice with their eyes. Watching a new life come into this world is one of the most emotionally satisfying experiences.

Q: Do you consider yourself a healer or a teacher?
A: Probably a teacher. The healing part is a gift and blessing that is given in the process of teaching. And the gift is to them. With that comes a responsibility on my part to stay centered enough to assist them in accomplishing that. I don’t do anything – it’s just that I have been fortunate enough to be in the right places at the right times to learn the right things to be able to help people along the path of their healing process.