The refrigerator: It’s the original family message center. Grocery lists, wedding announcements, photographs and those beloved finger paintings – they all grace the kitchen’s cold spot.
For a long time, my refrigerator door resembled the infamous junk drawer. It was layered with outdated announcements, coupons, newspaper clippings and never-ending lists – just for starters. Frankly, when it came to the fridge, I was jaded. A cluttered fridge door led to a cluttered kitchen and, eventually, a cluttered mind.  Here’s my hot solution for a cold situation.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Step 1.  Gather Materials
You’ll need:
An assortment of scrapbooking paper. I found these summery prints at Keepsake Cottage in Burley. You can also use photos, wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric.

• Craft glue, such as Sobo
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Clear, flat craft stones.
(These can be found at craft stores and many dollar stores.  Look for stones with a nice round shape and good clarity.)
• Heavy-duty magnets.
(We used 3/4-inch rounds. Anything too small won’t hold the weight of the stones.)

Photo © Jason Lugo

Step 2. Trace
Place a stone on the printed side of your paper and move it around until the pattern that shows through looks pretty to you. Trace around the stone with your pencil, angling in toward the underside of the stone. This will prevent you from having to trim it down too much.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Step 3. Cut
Cut just within the traced image. Hold the cutout against the back (flat) side of the stone to check the fit. Trim as needed for a good clean fit.

Photo © Jason Lugo

Step 4. Glue
Squeeze a drop of craft glue to the printed side of your cutout and spread evenly with your finger, all the way to the edge. Adhere the cutout to the flat side of the stone, pressing and rubbing firmly to eliminate air bubbles.
Now, squeeze a drop of glue to the magnet and adhere to the back of the cutout. Press and hold for 20 seconds, then allow to dry completely (about 10 minutes).

Voila!  You have a beautiful, summery magnet for your refrigerator door or any other metal surface. Think of these little treasures as jewelry for your fridge. If you’re like me, they will inspire you to cut the clutter and spare your sanity! Trust me – your kitchen will thank you. (And so will your mind.)
Never before has your fridge been so hot!

Photo © Jason Lugo

Use these gems to post reminders (and the occasional love note) for your special someone on the metal exterior door. That way, your sweetheart is sure to notice when leaving the house for work.

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